MikroCloud employs a distributed architecture encompassing a wide range of APIs integrated with our web application. This changelog highlights major updates and enhancements to services that directly impact users.

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Billing System Changes

The last week has been spent refining and documenting APIs related to our billing system. We also made a change in the behavior of subscription management. In the past, we used to sync service quantities with the billing system. We found this to be a cumbersome process and have decided to remove it.

From now on, we will use a service limits approach. This means that you will manually set the quantity of services you want to use, and we will enforce those quotas as the upper limit.

Revised API Endpoints

WAN Failover: Backend Improvements

Added data collection through SNMP for latency/jitter/ping metrics. This first phase of this build is purely focused on data collection and storage.

We will be releasing a new UI for WAN Failover in the first half of October along with updated documentation.

Metadata API

We have added a new API to manage metadata. Metadata is a way to store arbitrary information about a resource. It is useful for storing information that is not part of the core resource model. For example, you can use metadata to store information about a particular site, such as the site's address, contact information, etc.

The documentation for the new API endpoint can be found here.

🚀 Hello World! Our changelog is live.

Historically as a very small development team we didn't have the resources to maintain a changelog. We do however feel that it is important to keep our users informed about what we are working on and what we have shipped.

A changelog is also a good way to keep ourselves accountable and to make sure that we are shipping features and fixes on a regular basis.

We are happy to announce that we have now automated our changelog and will be posting it here every Friday. We hope you enjoy it!

Topics that will receive coverage

  • Changes and improvements to the API
  • Features and fixes to the UI
  • Documentation updates and guides